Blog 1: I’m a hypocrite.

Blog 1: I’m a hypocrite.

I’m a hypocrite and so are you, but we don’t have to be. ctct
My name is Ashley and I am a hypocrite.

SO let me explain…I currently work a 9-5 selling email marketing, helping small business owners make their wildest dreams come true. YUP that’s right, I talk to people every day who are chasing their dreams, while I’m sleeping on mine. I’m constantly telling people “You have a great idea! You should go for it!” “There’s no better time than now!” and at the end of the call (assuming the person on the other end didn’t hang up on me) I typically hear “Thank you Ashley, you’re right. This is exactly the confidence boost I needed to get started.” So why am I a hypocrite? Well to put it as simply as possible, I am a hypocrite because I sell people the belief that they can achieve their dreams, when I can’t even sell myself on mine. I’ve always had this feeling that I was meant to do something BIG. Be my own boss. Touch the lives of people I know, and those I don’t. But here I am, stuck in routine, living the day dream. And I know I’m not the only one…

Have you ever double tapped this?
Here’s a post we’ve all probably liked a thousand times on Instagram… told all our friends going through bad relationships that they deserve better. But what about when you deserved better? Did you listen to your own advice?

I know I didnt…

“Diet Starts Tomorrow”
Do you have gym goals? Totally okay if you don’t. More props to you if love your body through and through, I wish I could say the same. But I have definitely sent the motivational “get your ass up and go to the gym!” text, while I was at home binge watching Netflix..

blog4Ahhh…the good ole, live your life..
This is my ultimate nemesis. I am the biggest hypocrite when I like posts like this. What about you? Are you living the life you’ve imagined? Everyone imagines something different. So maybe your dream life is a 9-5 job you like, a beautiful family to come home to, and being comfortable enough for a good splurge?

I’m not here to say you could be doing better. Maybe you’re killing the game and if that’s the case than my hat is off to you!! All I’m saying is I needed to start living my life instead of day dreaming it. And if you feel the same then follow the blog. Because what comes next is magic.. What comes next is how I snapped out of it. Why I started a blog. And what I did to wake the fuck up.

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