Blog 2: Welcome to my why.

Blog 2: Welcome to my why.

First why, then what.

It’s a Saturday morning and you’re laying in bed watching cartoons. You get up to go to the kitchen and once you get there, you can’t remember what you were looking for. So you go back to bed and continue watching cartoons. Sound familiar?

Now take this example and apply it to your life. Apply it to your goals. Have you ever set a goal, start to do it, but then lose sight of why you started? And now you’re back at square one…or maybe even a few more steps behind. I know I have.
Whenever you do anything in life you should always know your “why”. Your “why” is your purpose. Your “why” is what drives you. Why do you set the goals you set? Why do you have the dreams you dream? Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an easy task. It’s going to take some soul searching. Because in order to figure out HOW we get there and WHAT we need to do to achieve our goals, we need to know WHY we’re doing it.

Meet my why.


About a year ago I had to get ankle reconstructive surgery. And to put it short, it was the worst and best thing I ever went through. Yes, it was physically painful, but what hurt the most was the emotional pain. I spent months immobile and stuck in bed with nothing but four walls and my thoughts. Safe to say I had multiple break downs and spent many days binge watching whatever new Netflix series was released. I hated spending time with myself and worse than that I hated that I wasn’t able to enjoy my own company. And that’s how I found my “Why”. My “why” in life is to love who I am. I want to be happy in my own company. The only way I can achieve that is to follow my dreams, or at least run towards them. My dream is to help people find their “why” and then encourage them to run, fast as hell, towards it. So for those of you who were wondering why I started a blog, this is my why.. and I’m sprinting towards something big.

My challenge to you.

Ask yourself why? Look at your day to day and ask yourself why you’re doing what you do. Then keep asking why until you uncover the truer meaning behind your purpose.Why do you have the gym membership? Why do you want to start your own business? Or better yet, why did you subscribe to a blog that’s meant to challenge you..?

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