Blog 4: Gut Check

Blog 4: Gut Check

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great week and got one step closer to your goals! Last week I spoke about the importance of making your bed. And if you’re just joining us, you can click here to refer back to last week’s post! Now, my challenge to you was to make your bed. Not because I’m anal and love the sight of tucked in corners and decorative pillows placed precisely, but because the act of making your bed helps you complete a task, establishes self discipline, and helps you start the day with a “win” under your belt.

Shout out to my Go Getters!


And for those of you who TRIED to make your bed…


I want to talk about accountability because it plays a HUGE role with achieving your goals. I’m sure some of you read last week’s blog and was super motivated. You probably woke up the next day and made your bed! And then continued to make your bed for the next few days. But then something happened. You woke up, looked at your bed knowing you should make it, but ran out of time…or maybe one day you woke up late and couldn’t get to it. Or maybe you’re someone who just didn’t feel like it. If you don’t see the value in a made bed you’re missing the point. Excuses

Making your bed builds discipline. The discipline you’ll need when you wake up late.. run out of time.. or just don’t feel liked doing it. “You’re as good as your highest level of training” So if you’re highest level of training is to push your goals aside when it’s not easy or convenient for you, guess what? That’s what you’ll continue to do.

Weekly Challenge

This week my challenge is for you to commit to being self-disciplined and holding your self accountable. For the next seven days pick ONE thing to add to your morning routine and stick to it! No matter what happens this is a goal you WILL achieve. Write down your goal and put a tally mark every time you achieve it. Click here to send me a pic of your goal on Day 1 and Day 7 and I will post it in next week’s blog!

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