The wake up call I never wanted.

The wake up call I never wanted.

For those of you who are just joining us, welcome! Feel free to catch up by reading last week’s blog here. Last week we focused on accountability, which if you ask me, is just a word to describe the act of putting yourself first. That’s all it is…loving yourself enough to not let your goals be pushed aside. Now having that type of love and self-discipline takes time and practice, so if you think these things happen over night you are mistaken. “Over night success” comes from every day grinding. Keep going.

Meet the Weissmann’s

I know blogs are supposed to be personal, so brace yourself, it’s about to get deep… I want to introduce you all to my amazing family. I have an older brother, Aaron, who is my exact counter part. I played sports, he played video games. He’s an Engineer and well…I’m in sales. Then we have my Mom, Jean. She’s a firecracker to say the least and the one girl who will always have my heart. Wrapping it up we have the alpha male, my Dad, Mark. He is the rock to this family and has always provided me with a loving hug or an aggressive kick in the ass.fam1

My family has always been active. “Family bonding” in the Weissmann household typically consists of some sort of cardiovascular workout where my mom has an asthma attack, my brother leaves everyone in the dust, and I’m cursing the whole time wondering why I’m crawling up a mountain. Some would say my family is indestructible. And then one day, in a split second, our world was turned upside down.

The photos above were taken on July 20th, 2018. On the one week anniversary of my Dad’s stroke, he wanted to hike Point Magu in Port Hueneme, CA. To give you an idea of how awful it is feel free to click the hyperlink. But anyways..did you notice how I nonchalantly dropped that in there?


On July 13th, 2018 my hero had a stroke. For those of you who don’t know, my parents live in California and I currently reside in Massachusetts. The fear that ran through me is something I can’t explain. My best friend needed me and I was a 6 hour plane ride away. In that moment nothing made sense. All I could think about was how my dad is the strongest person I know, there’s no way he could’ve had a stroke. And as much as I wished it wasn’t true…it was. So how does this psycho celebrate surviving the scariest moment this family has gone through? By making us trek up a mountain…
Now, for all my friends who saw my Instagram story that day, they thought my dad was a stud.
I, however, had several other names for him. There even came a time where I contemplated pushing him off the mountain myself.. (totally kidding of course).
So whats my point? Why am I sharing this? Well…unfortunately, this was my wake up call. This was a universal reminder that life is short and unexpected. That tomorrow is never promised and goals shouldn’t wait until then. There is no “the diet starts on Monday”. There is no “I don’t have the time…”. For me, the only time i’ll ever have is NOW.
The timing will never be right, I’m sorry to break it to you. Do you want to be someone who waits for the stars to align or do you want to be someone who buys a rocket ship and aligns those shits themselves!!
Like reallly think about it! What are you waiting for?! Life wasn’t made to be easy, it was made to be lived.
I wish I could say I’m the type of person who can set a goal, figure out the steps on how to reach it, and then in that moment start working towards achievement. I think we all wish we could say that.. but the truth is we can’t. We’ve all waited for a “new day”, we’ve all waited for a “fresh start”. Well, on July 13th, 2018, I stopped waiting. I suggest you stop waiting too.

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