Shit. Writer’s Block.

Shit. Writer’s Block.


Let me set the mood. It’s the end of the month and I work in sales. If that didn’t send a chill down your spine already, then you didn’t major in business. Anyways…I’m chasing a quota. On top of that, I have to finish moving my shit from one apartment to another. Then there’s the whole balance and healthy lifestyle thing, which means I’m trying to figure out if a good sweat or a good sleep will provide me the boost of energy I need. Oh! And then I have little things… like doing the laundry because going to work naked is unacceptable ,and washing the dishes because stacking a dish and then sprinting in the other direction to avoid any crash is getting old. Now if my end of the month didn’t overwhelm you, then plug in your own nightmare because everyone has one..

So now, imagine your personal nightmare, and then having to write a blog worthy enough for people to open.. Sick joke right? Writer’s block was in full effect. So what did I do? How did I come up with this brilliant content for you to read? Well.. I did nothing. I realized there was nothing to be done, I sat back, I took a deep breathe, and then I made breakfast for dinner and caught up on The Voice. A few pancakes later and WABAM! My idea came. Can you guess what this week’s theme is?


This week I’m talking to my Busy Bee’s, my Go-Getters, my people whose life moves at a thousand miles per hour. You can’t hear me, but I promise I’m screaming this from the bottom of my lungs (gives it more oomf than the top), RELAX! RECHARGE! REGROUP! Then get up and do the damn thing.


Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. When life feels overwhelming it’s because it is. So realize that your body is trying to tell you something. Listen. Find the thing that recharges you and do it! Go for a walk. Take a cold shower. Put on your favorite TV show and kick up your feet. Give yourself a break! Now, don’t procrastinate. That’s not the message I’m trying to send. Set a timer to your break and once the alarm goes off get up and finish the task at hand. Just realize that sometimes, when you don’t know where to start, stop. Relax, recharge, regroup, then get up and do the damn thing.

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4 thoughts on Shit. Writer’s Block.

  1. Ugh yasss 🙌🏼 Love this!! Sometimes you really do just need to do nothing. Or go out and dance your tushy off with your besties. ❤️

  2. OMG! Absolutely!! I couldn’t agree more. Life truly keeps you extremely busy that you run yourself completely ragged. I catch myself doing this all the time and I am working on trying to change that by focusing on my self care at least one day a week. Keep blogging Ashley. its soooo helpful. : ))

  3. This is the BEST piece you have written so far! The rest were great too, but this beats them all! Ur doing great babe, looking forward to reading more… good luck!

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