Be blessed, not stressed.

Be blessed, not stressed.

KayMurJuliaFull disclosure…my blog topic this week was NOT going to be on gratitude. However, my two best friend’s just got engaged, my parents are in town for a month, and I am truly blessed with a wonderful girlfriend and friends who feel like family. So you know what? This week I’m saying thank you..

Now to set the story straight, I was never one to “practice” gratitude. I knew I was blessed with an amazing life and endless opportunities, but I never truly practiced gratitude. I didn’t see the value in it until I reached a point in my life where I felt so lost that I was ready to try anything. You know that feeling where you don’t know what you’re doing, but know you should be doing something…but then don’t know what that something is? Well that was an everyday exhaustion for me. It seemed like me and anxiety were becoming best friends.

Have you ever just stopped and thought about all the things you take for granted on a daily basis? For example: I was never grateful for being able to walk, run, or play basketball…until reconstructive ankle surgery took it away. Now I say thank you every morning when my feet hit the ground. I was never grateful for waking up in the morning until my dad had a stroke…I prayed every night he would wake up the next day. Now when I wake up, I say thank you. You flip a switch and the lights come on, say thank you. You go to take a shower and the water runs, say thank you. Be grateful because there are so many people out there who would trade lives with you in a blink of an eye.

I’ll be honest, gratitude is easier said than done. When you go your whole life not appreciating the little things, it’s difficult to all of the sudden switch your mindset into thinking about them. However, when I started practicing gratitude, and being GENUINELY thankful for the things I had..more good things came my way. I started every day by writing down what I was thankful for.. once I built the habit, I started saying thank you for the things that were on their way.

I would say thank you for having the perfect person to spend forever with. I started saying thank you for my “lavish” lifestyle. I started saying thank you for my dream home with a wrap around porch and huge yard. I said thank you for all of these things when I was working two jobs, living in a studio apartment, and was in bed every night by 8:30 binge watching Netflix. I started putting into existence what I wanted. Truly being thankful for what was to come because I KNEW it was coming. If you think I’m crazy… well.. not to brag, but now I have a hot girlfriend, moved out of my studio, and make 6 figures a year. The Law of Attraction is wild, be grateful.

Today I am grateful for all of you who took the time out of your day to read this. What are you grateful for?




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