“Welcome to the real world.”

“Welcome to the real world.”

When I was younger, I would come home from school, grab my basketball, and shoot hoops for hours. On the weekends I would get on my bike, meet up with some friends, and ride around all day until it got dark out. I’d have grass stains on my knees, scratches on my elbows, and a smile on my face. I was constantly being told “the sky is the limit”. That I could do anything I wanted to do, be whatever I wanted to be. It’s funny how we grow up and that no longer feels as true as it used to.

We get older and we let society dictate what we do with our lives. Social media tells us what to wear. Likes on Instagram tells us how pretty we are. We get dumped by our significant other and all of the sudden we’re “never good enough.” We hide our tears because who likes being weak? We tell people we’re okay when we’re really not. We find a job that “puts food on the table”, but doesn’t feed our soul. The little girl who believed she could do whatever and be whoever, is slowly dying.

How many times have you wished you could go back to being a kid, go back to “the good ole days” before pressure of “the real world” started weighing down on you?

This weekend I went to Canada for my little cousin’s first birthday, and it was exactly what I needed. We should be more like kids. A child is able to get their feelings hurt, cry about it, and then move on all in the same minute. Girls were playing with hot wheels and boys were using princess dolls as action figures. There are no “boundaries” as a child. You are who you are. 

At one point did you stop being who you were? When did you start letting the opinions of others sit with you more than one minute? I understand things aren’t quite the same when you get older, and the opinions of others can sting a little longer than we’d like…but at what point do you cry about it, and then move on?

Everyone has a little child inside of them. The little girl inside of me is why I blog. I want to help people. I want to change the lives of those I come across and when I’m feeling “not good enough” the little girl inside of me tells me to keep going. She allows me to be vulnerable, to cry. She isn’t afraid to make mistakes and to fail at things. She takes risks because she knows no better. She’s innocent in the purest of ways and she encourages me every day to keep going. 

We all have an inner child. Maybe we didn’t grow up to play in the NBA.. Maybe your dream of being a doctor or a lawyer won’t come true. But everyone has something they want to do, but are too scared of. When you’re faced with a tough situation, or when you’re feeling less confident, talk to yourself the way you would talk to a kid. Keep your inner child alive. If you can find a way to do that, you’ll find a way to get through many difficult obstacles that life has yet to show you. 





7 thoughts on “Welcome to the real world.”

  1. I might be a half century old but I still have my inner child inside me.
    And their is nothing wrong with that at all.

  2. Loved your article! My kids are always telling me they love it that I don’t act “my age”. I’m kiddish at times, but yes, I try to enact “the good ole days” through my children and still try to do cartwheels!

  3. This resonated with me so much – especially about how children get their feelings hurt, cry, and move on. Humans – myself including, but I’m trying to learn! – punish themselves over and over, reliving the times that they weren’t good enough. And then we try to avoid failure, we try to avoid feeling like that again, and that holds us back more than anything. I love your voice, thanks for sharing!

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