4 Things a monthly quote taught me.

4 Things a monthly quote taught me.

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If you’ve ever been in my apartment, you’ll quickly notice how it looks like a Positive Fairy threw up everywhere. No matter what room you’re in or which corner you turn, there is sure to be some sort of motivational quote waiting for you to read. Have you ever tried to smile and not feel a sense of joy? It doesn’t work. Even if you’re the saddest of the sad, smiling will instantly make you feel a small fraction better. Motivational quotes do the same for me. On a sad day I can turn any corner of my apartment and find a quote reminding me it’s okay.

I started writing this blog because I’ve always felt like I was meant to do something big. Be a motivational quote on a wall for someone when they’re having a tough day. As much as I write about being positive and attacking your goals, I also want to remind everyone that I am just as human as you are. If you cut me I will bleed, if you hurt me I will cry. I need to be motivated too.

Every month a pick a monthly quote, and I write it up on this HUGE chalk board that sits above my desk. Every morning when I’m getting ready for work I take 5 seconds to read my quote out loud, and every night before I go to bed I make sure to read it again. Including this into one of my many “routines” has taught me 4 things.

1. To Reflect

Every month when I’m picking a new quote, there is a moment where I have to erase the old one. It’s actually quite liberating! It feels as if I’m wiping the old month away and I’m starting on a new one…an actual CLEAN SLATE!

2. To Pause

When I’m reading my quote I”m thinking of nothing else besides the quote in front of me. I stop, clear my mind, and then read. It’s helped me practice mindfulness and staying in the moment.

3. Be Selfish

This is MY quote. I choose it based on how I feel. I am the only one who knows why I chose this quote. It’s my time to be selfish.

4. To keep going

New month, new quote. Choosing a new quote helps me with my mindset and working towards the things I want to achieve. It’s something I can focus on for the month and a reminder of why I do the things I do.

What’s your monthly quote? Have you ever thought about picking one? Your life is completely in your control. What are your goals and how are you going to get there? The little things matter and if something as small as picking a monthly quote can help you achieve your goal, then why not?

I know some of the things I write about can seem silly..making your bed, writing down what you’re grateful for, picking a monthly quote.. but in the grand scheme of things, if doing these simple tasks will help me achieve my goals, then I’ll do it. So if you’re someone who hasn’t taken the time to do the little things to help you achieve your goals, well to me, that’s whats really silly.

Pick a quote.

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