You Versus You

You Versus You


This past week I was fortunate enough to attend The Massachusetts Conference for Women. Being around thousands of women who all want to be more than just an employee, was not only inspiring and motivating, but also eye-opening. Different keynote speakers would take the stage, and for however much time they were allotted, all eyes were on them. As I sat back in my chair all I could think about was how one day, that will be me. One day I’ll be on a stage.

The next day I returned to work and was asked how I felt about the conference, what did I learn? I paused for a moment… What I learned was that the only difference between the women on the stage and me sitting in the audience, was experience. Not experience in the sense of an educational degree or internship or anything like that…experience in the sense that these women have been rejected more times than I have. They’ve tried more. They’ve worked harder. They’ve failed more times than I have. Few people write one book and it’s a hit…many get rejected before striking gold.

Then I thought about this blog…and how I could use my experience to make this something relatable. We all have a goal, or at least something we hope to achieve. We all at some point in our lives look at someone and go “That’s what I want to do.” It could be a picture of the fitness body you want to achieve, a book you want to write, a level of professional sports you want to make it too.. whatever it is, we all have something. Some are blessed with natural talent, great genetics, all the right resources..but most have just worked harder. They failed more.

Your biggest competition is yourself. Every day you wake up and you choose what version of you is going to take on the day. Sometimes you go to the gym everyday like you said you would, other times you don’t. Sometimes you fail and keep trying, sometimes you fall and stay down. You are the only person standing in your way of greatness. You are the only person who is going to wake up every day and want to achieve something unimaginable. You have to care about you, more than anyone else. Be your own motivator. Push past boundaries. The sky is your only limit. Keep swinging until you hit a home run.


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