If only it was that easy…

If only it was that easy…

So I want to start this week’s blog off by asking a question. Does anyone else lecture themselves when driving alone? When I’m driving alone there are only three possible scenarios of what’s going on in the car…I’m either performing as if I’m on the biggest stage in the world and my concert is sold out, I’m listening to the latest Ted Talk/NPR trying to make myself a more intellectual person, or I’m my own therapist talking to myself as if I’m getting paid to listen. Well just the other day I was the latter of the three. I was my own therapist and man did I have a lot to say.

Ironically this whole conversation with myself started because I was thinking about what I wanted to write for this week’s blog. I was thinking that since it was December 31st I would write myself a “Goodbye 2018” letter and share it with all of you. But then I thought about all the people who would be saying “bye to 2018″…because saying goodbye to the past erases the bad memories and damage that built up. Saying “bye” as if I’m going to wake up on January 1st, and automatically be the person I’ve been working to become all of 2018. If you’re still following along, now you have a little insight on how my brain works.

So here I am, with a new message. 2019 is coming…and unfortunately when you wake up on January 1st you’re still going to be the same person who went to bed on December 31st. You aren’t going to wake up and be the version of yourself you always wanted to be. I’m not here to burst your bubble, I’m here to shed some light on your reality. The hard times you had in 2018 might follow you into 2019. If on December 31st you’re hanging out with people you said you would cut out, I guarantee those same people follow you into the new year. If you struggle with anxiety, eating healthier, budgeting financially, being walked over in your relationships, working out consistently, obsessing over social media..whatever your struggle is.. there is a strong chance it follows you into 2019. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.

Now, this wouldn’t be a very motivational blog if I didn’t end on a strong, up lifting note…so here goes nothing. Understand that some (not all) of your demons may follow you into 2019. Understand that just because the calendar year changed, you may not have. Understand that the changes you want to make are there for you to make, but it won’t happen on its own. Like I mentioned before, sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to get your shit together, but just because you hit it doesn’t mean you all of the sudden become prosperous. Comebacks don’t happen just because you feel like you’re due for one. You have to earn it. Grind for it. Hurt for it. Use your pain to fuel your fire. What happened in 2018 won’t go away, and what happens in 2019 won’t be easy. 2019 is when you make strides towards being the person you wish you were in 2018. Build the habits you need to achieve the goals you’ve set. It’s a time for you to reflect on the past and turn dark to light. Be brave, be courageous, be the strength you wish you had, when you felt like you had nothing. In 2019, be the person you needed to be in 2018.


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