The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point

I once was told that the difference between being married for 30 years and divorced in 3 is something called “the breaking point”.

Essentially the “breaking point” is just that, the point in which shit goes to shit and it’s sink or swim.

When I heard this something sparked, and well… now here I am with this week’s blog topic. It made sense that couples who last are able to work out their differences and darkest moments, but I think it goes further than that. I think getting past the breaking point in anything is what separates those who make it and those who don’t.

In any new journey, chapter, adventure..there’s going to be some rough times. You’re going to hit obstacles, walls, unexpected bullshit…these things are inevitable. If you ask anyone “at the top” how their journey to get there went, I guarantee there were some horror stories along the way.

The difference between those who raise and those who fall is the inner strength to keep going. Expect things to suck, this way you’re ready. Expect road blocks to happen, this way you can reroute. The only thing you need to be clear on is your end goal. How you get there is something out of your control.

Mentally prepare. Mentally prepare now for the dark times that haven’t happened. Be grateful for sunny skies and clear paths, but don’t be naive in thinking storms won’t come. Don’t be afraid when things get tough. Embrace the feeling of “lost” because one day you’ll find your way. How do I know? Well, because you were brave enough to start a journey in the first place.

Those who are brave enough to start are strong enough to finish. Get through the breaking point.


2 thoughts on The Breaking Point

  1. So needed this. So much on my plate these days. But, I always tell myself that you are only given what you can handle. But its a challenge though.

    • You are such a strong and beautiful soul. Keep pushing! Sometimes the things on our plate are meant to โ€œbreakโ€ us so we can get stronger by picking ourselves back up. Deep breaths.

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