Start Again.

Start Again.

For all of you reading this, I apologize for missing last week’s blog. In all honesty, I had the blog written and just never sent it. Life got in the way a little bit. I went out of town to meet my girlfriend’s family. It was an amazing time and that will be a story for another blog post.

Last week’s blog post never got sent, not because I didn’t write one, but because there was apart of me that felt like I “had to” send it. This might be a little rebellious sounding, but I did not send a blog because I felt like I had to send it.  

I started writing because I had this big picture of helping those who read it, and now it felt like homework. I found myself scrambling to find something to write about. Some week’s I’d stay up late hoping an idea would spark. I would stress myself out. It was no longer the therapeutic release it started out as.

Think of a time you felt the same.

The gym routine I started so I can live and feel healthier was great at first. And then I started beating myself up when I’d miss a day. I spent an hour everyday reading before bed, I loved it! And then I found myself watching Netflix instead and hated that I stopped reading. I would eat healthy for a few weeks, and then the one time I eat a chocolate bar I can’t stop thinking about it.

Once again this is a reminder that you are not alone. We all feel this way at times. Life is meant to be lived so don’t beat yourself up for doing so! Health, both mentally and physically, is important so take care of yourself, but also remember to indulge from time to time.

Remember why you start something. Remember that for the most part, we start a new venture to improve our own quality of life. Beating yourself up, putting yourself down, and feeling like a failure isn’t adding value to your life, it’s taking from it.

The next time you find yourself turning passion into pain, stop yourself. Remind yourself why you started and then start again. 


4 thoughts on Start Again.

  1. It’s so true. It’s happening to me right now. It’s frustrating but I don’t let that frustration take over me. I have to pause and reset and restart again.

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