Learn to ReRoute

Learn to ReRoute

Earlier this week I was told that I have a tendency to “bang my head against the brick wall.” Although I was not completely taken back by this statement, I was intrigued by what it meant exactly.

I was told that there are times where I’m so stuck in my ways that instead of trying to find another way around a problem, I keep pushing through the same brick wall. Part of it comes from my “never give up mentality”. I just keep trying until it works or in most cases, doesn’t work. I work harder not smarter.ย 

The other day I was driving to work and the route I normally take had a detour sign. A detour sign is not the end of the world, but when you’re in a rush and already having a rough start to the day the last thing you want to see is that bright orange sign.

What I found ironic is that when I saw this sign, although it may not be the most convenient thing in the world, I continued with the drive and used an alternative route. I rerouted without thinking twice about it. The route might have taken longer than expected, but my destination was the same.ย 

Life has a funny way of rerouting us at times. We put in our destination, see the route, and know exactly how to get there. A few miles into our journey, road block. Time to reroute.

You’re starting a new workout routine and everything is going smoothly, and then you’re slammed at work and can’t find time to make it the 6 o’clock spin class… reroute.

You want to have healthier eating habits so you try the Paleo Diet just to find that it’s hard to keep up with and you don’t have the time to cook for yourself. Do you give up on eating healthier? No. Reroute.

You have a goal of reading 15 minutes a day, so you set your alarm to wake up early, but when it goes off you’re hitting snooze. Do you give up on reading more? No, reroute.

There are multiple moments in our life where we start to bang our heads against a wall. My suggestion to you is that you stop trying to go through the road block, instead go around it.ย 



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  1. This one was awesome!!! We moving, working, family, fitness, meal prep etc….. this was needed. Thanks. : )) I tell myself all the craziness is only temporary. the dust will settle soon.

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