The “Perfect Mother”

The “Perfect Mother”

A few weeks ago I was told about a study that showed mothers who tried to be “perfect” actually hindered the growth of their baby. Mother’s have this connotation of never being “good enough”. It’s not enough to feed and cloth their child, they must also provide a safe environment filled with unconditional love. It’s not enough to tuck their child in every night, they must also sit there and read a bed time story. While striving for perfection she is coddling her child and not letting them have time for self exploration. What seems to be “perfection” in her eyes, is actually destruction.

This concept was eye opening. Not because I am thinking about the future mother I would like to be, but more so because the idea of “perfection” is something many people, including myself, struggle with. Nobody is perfect, and I feel like the majority of us understand perfection is an unattainable destination. What we don’t realize is that we have these ideas in our head of what we “should be doing”. You should work out, you should eat healthy, you should go to bed by 9:30pm. We create these set of “perfect” standards in our head…or better known as unachievable destinations.ย We’ll bust our ass everyday trying to reach perfection, and never be satisfied by being “good enough”.

Shooting for perfection will land you close to it, and if you ask me, being “close to perfection” is good enough for me.

The line between drive and driving yourself crazy is becoming thinner and thinner.

Reflect on a time when “good enough” was not enough.

I’m sure you can come up with a few…

Imagine the moment and picture it differently. Instead of beating yourself up, imagine building yourself up. Instead of knocking yourself down, imagine being your biggest cheerleader. We forget that sometimes starting is the hardest part.

I would never tell you to settle. I would never tell you to lower your standards. All I’m saying is that sometimes “good enough” is enough.ย 

Don’t beat yourself up so much.


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