My Path to Millions.

My Path to Millions.

“In a world of instant gratification, find the joy in being patient.” -BeWeiss

Have you ever realized how quickly we can get things now a days? You want a date? Go on Tinder. You need a ride? Call an Uber. Need to get a hold of someone? Send a text. Wondering what your cousin by marriage once removed, ex husband is doing? Check Facebook. I think you get my point…

We live in a time where patience is not needed. And for the few times it is needed? Well, patience is a virtue most of us don’t have. We have these dreams and aspirations with unrealistic time lines. We lose sight of the journey because we are so focused on the destination. We want a house, a boat, and a six figure income NOW, not tomorrow.ย And because of this, it’s easy to forget that the most gratifying things in life take time, patience, and persistence.

Whatever your goals are; financially, spiritually, physically, enjoy the journey of transformation.ย 

I personally have struggled with this message. Ironically enough, my reason for writing this was because I was googling “how to be a millionaire”, saw that you need multiple incomes, and then started looking up a variety or part time jobs I probably would’ve hated doing. I told my dad I was thinking about finding a part time job, this is what he said:

“You won’t get rich working for someone else. So look for something that you can turn from a hobby to a living, versus working for small amounts of money.”

Pffff mind blown.

I’m already doing my side hobby. I’m blogging and sharing my message to whoever wants to listen. I’m on my million dollar path and didn’t even realize it because my bank account wasn’t reflecting it.

Where you are in life, you are on your path. Take some time today to evaluate your goals and if you’re on the path to achieving them. Your journey is your journey. Don’t rush your transformation, embrace it.ย 


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